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KILLER QUEEN 40: Middle Age, Middle (R)age

KQ40: MIDDLE AGE, MIDDLE RAGE, Killer Queen Chicago’s yearly NATIONAL tournament weekend (and their 40th KQ tournament) is upon us!
June 20-23!

Logan Arcade will be at- or near-capacity for this event, from Thursday 6/20 until Sunday 6/23. Our back room will be reserved for tournament players, and the number of non-KQ games available to play will be GREATLY reduced. Please plan accordingly and tell all your friends!

From KQChi:
Hear ye, hear ye! Knights and knaves of lands both near and far - the High Queen hereby cordially invites thee to her realm for the annual Chicago Grande Tournament - the 40th tournament in Chicago, and the 10th year of games at the legendary Logan Arcade! (huzzah)

There promises to be much merriment, a healthy dose of folly, and of course the ever important clashing of steel. Come to prove thyself, improve thyself, or perhaps lose thyself - all temperaments can find what they need at the Queen’s hearth.

The Queen’s list (team sheet) can be found here - https://kqchi.com/40 - it will also be the future home of schedules & lots of other important info!

Join our discord for the most timely updates! We will have KQ40 roles set up soon - https://discord.gg/FnmgQ79Sts

See you there! (huzzah)