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No Drinks on the Astro City #1: Street Fighter Tournament

Welcome to the new Tournament series for Arcade games at Logan Arcade!

NO DRINKS ON THE ASTRO CITY #1 - The New Challengers

Tournament Games are: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Super Street Fighter II: Turbo and Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo

Please note, this is a 21+ Event, as it will be held at Logan Arcade, which is an arcade bar. There are drink specials on Sundays with $2 dollars off cans of craft beer. There are plenty of food options nearby as well.

REGISTER: https://smash.gg/AstroCity1

I know Chicago likes to register late, but PLEASE pre-register at the link above. I would really appreciate it, my mother does as well.

Hosted and streamed by Will English IV @ https://twitch.tv/willenglishiv

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