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Kaiju Movie Night: Shin Godzilla + Supaidaman!

Every 3rd Monday of the month is ANIME NIGHT at Logan Arcade… but this month we’re changing it up to bring you the latest live-action Godzilla movie from Japan! Written and directed by NEON GENESIS EVANGELION’s Hideaki Anno, SHIN GODZILLA feels like a Stanley Kubrick film and has some tremendous special effects! This will be followed by episodes of the 1970’s live action Japanese Spider-Man TV show, SUPAIDAMAN, wherein Spider-Man describes himself as “an emissary of hell!” and has a giant robot.

6PM - Random Japanese videos featuring USAVICH 7PM - SHIN GODZILLA 9PMSUPAIDAMAN

free (vegan) popcorn!

DRINK SPECIALS: $2.50 Pabst Blue Ribbon $5 Half Acre Beer Company pints $4 Orion Breweries Japanese Lager cans $10 Kikusui Funaguchi sake

21+/no cover.

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