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Weekend Reservations at Logan Arcade

Right now, we offer small, reservation-only, speakeasy-style seatings Thursdays through Saturdays, and small-group private rentals Sundays through Wednesdays. Reservations must be made via email in advance— NO WALKUPS. Masks/face-coverings will be required for the foreseeable future, regardless of vaccination status. Any reservation is an agreement to our safety policies, which can be read here: https://loganarcade.wixsite.com/menu/logan-arcade-safety-policies

Up to four (4) people per reservation. Reservation fees are $20 per person (or $30 for two head-to-head blocks!!) to be paid onsite. Making a reservation is an agreement to all of our safety policies and procedures, all of which should be read right here. Reservation fees DO NOT include drinks or gratuity, but do include all games on freeplay… and they help us to continue operating the best we can under these extraordinary circumstances.

Also, the following may be obvious to smart people, but sadly, not all people are smart: DO NOT come to Logan Arcade if you feel or have felt ill, if you’ve been or have potentially been exposed to someone with COVID, if you have recently traveled, etc. etc.  Please. And thank you!

Available reservation times:

5:30pm - 8:30pm
9 - midnight

5:30pm - 8:30pm
9 - midnight

5:30pm - 8:30pm
9 - midnight

Email us at party@loganarcade.com to secure your potential reservation (and give us some time to respond). We may need to cancel at any time for a multitude of reasons— but we will try our darndest to let you know about any cancellations within 24 hours!

Here’s what we are doing to provide a safe environment AND where the reservation fees are going:
We are permitting up to 25 people maximum inside at a time, in 3 hour time slots, with assigned seating. We are leaving breaks in between each time slot so that we can fully clean/disinfect the bar, games, bathrooms, etc.— so these times are strict. We are keeping a record of everyone who comes through (and when) for potential contact tracing. We are fogging the entire space, including our HVAC system, every day with a hospital-grade disinfecting solution. We are
using the best HEPA filters available (and changing them frequently), and we’re running the exhaust & fans while we’re ‘open.’ We have created ‘private,’ socially distanced seating areas, and we’re only operating less than half of our games to allow for social distancing. Additionally, our staff are getting COVID testing regularly. Temperature checks, proper masks/face-coverings, and frequent hand washing and sanitizing is required for all of our staff AND customers.

Reservation fees are essential to our operation and survival during these unprecedented times. They help us in the following ways: covering loss of income due to having our games on freeplay and an 80%+ decrease in capacity, paying extra ‘hazard wages’ to our staff, help with our ever-surmounting bills and utilities, give us the ability to print up some merchandise when possible, and help us pay for all of the extra supplies we need to keep our space as safe and disinfected as possible (ie: hopital-grade disinfectants, quality air filtration, hvac/ventilation improvements, etc). The fees also help us to buy more beer and booze, as we lost most of our stock throughout the past year. We are also hoping to do some small buildouts and construction in order to increase and improve our ‘private seating areas.’