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No Drinks On The Astro City (Resurrected!): Jazzy Circuit Ranking Events

Official Jazzy Circuit Ranking Events!
12/18, 1/15, 2/19, 3/19: 4pm

Along with 3rd Strike 3rd Sundays, we’re stoked to be hosting official ranking events for the 4th season of THE JAZZY CIRCUIT, a nation-wide competitive circuit for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike! These ranking events will be held every 3rd Sunday starting in December at 4pm, and will be streaming live at twitch.tv/loganarcade.

From the organizers:

Coming to you live from Logan Arcade in beautiful Chicago, IL; it’s the RESURRECTION of No Drinks on the Astro City!

Our monthly tournament series is back delivering Third Strike on every Third Sunday of the month, just in time for Season 4 of the Jazzy Circuit. Starting in December, our monthly series will be hosted as ranking events for the circuit, so those that are in the Midwest have a chance to accrue to their point total at a chance to compete in the Jazzy Circuit Finale in Westminster, CO later this year.

All tournaments will be run on arcade hardware, double elimination, and cap at 48 players with the potential of moving the cap based on player demands. These tournaments will be streamed live on Logan Arcade’s twitch channel at www.twitch.tv/loganarcade.

Event info/registration: HERE