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Marz + Logan Arcade "Cobra Nerde" Beer Launch!

In order to celebrate our popup arcade collab at Marz Community Brewing (Reuben Kincaid’s Marzcade), we obviously had to get all extra with a delicious new beer collab!

We’ll be launching COBRA NERDE here at the Arcade on March 15th, in conjunction with the *hotly anticipated* Black Emperor Release Party, with a special $5 price for Cobra Nerde on draft! After the keg runs out, we’ll have cans available until supplies run out!

From Marz:
“In honor of this 2-Player campaign, we brewed a beer to keep you hydrated while you mash buttons or tilt your way to the high score. We used Zespy’s favorite gaming beverage, Cobra Verde, for inspiration, bittering the beer with green coffee beans, then adding fresh peach and tangerine puree while in the tanks. A complex but approachable sour, with notes of roasted jalapenos (without the heat), citrus rind (without the bitterness),and fresh fruit (without the seeds).

Cobra Nerde is a Wild Ale with Green Coffee, Peach and Tangerine at 6% ABV!”