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Magical Tuesdays with Justin Purcell

EVERY TUESDAY at Logan Arcade is a MAGICAL TUESDAY— magic with Justin Purcell, Magician, of the Chicago Magic Lounge (and excellent drummer of the excellent The Cell Phones)! Be astounded and amazed by Justin’s sleight-of-hand and closeup magic tricks with a comedic twist. HE IS AWESOME! MAGIC IS REAL!

Justin is here from 9pm until midnight (EVERY Tuesday). Magic is *FREE,* but tips are very much encouraged and appreciated!

We also offer the following fun things on Tuesdays:
+HAPPY HOUR 3pm-6pm
+$2 High Life bottles
+$5 Chicago Handshakes
+$5 Beer of the Month pints
+Logan Arcade Pinball League at 8pm!

MORE about Justin:
“Justin Purcell hails from the mysterious land of Indiana. His interest in the dark arts was sparked by an “I can read” book called Spooky Tricks. He was inspired to make a career of magic by two things: his love for sharing with audiences the wonder of the impossible and his distaste for honest work. Magic is real!”

*Free/valid ID for entry*