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Killer Queen NEW BEE TOURNEE #3!

The Chicago Killer Queen Mercury Squad presents the THIRD “New Bee Tournee”!

FUN! FRIENDS! PRIZES! Are you a casual player, or even just someone who’s curious about KILLER QUEEN (y’know, that big game in the back room which is also the world’s ONLY 10-player strategy-based arcade game??!)… if so, this event is for you!

This is a tournament 100% designed for new, beginner, and curious Killer Queen players! Even if you’ve NEVER played Killer Queen, you’ll have a chance to learn, get a lot of (free) play in, have a lot of fun, and meet new friends!


Bring a team of friends (5 people), OR just bring yourself (or yourself and less than 5 friends, whatever!)— we’ll make sure that everyone is included. Based on a VERY simple survey regarding your gameplay experience, we’ll assign teams!

-Come sign up between 3pm and 4:30pm.
-Tournament play will begin at 5pm.
-There is a $5 entry fee per person, which will go to administrative fees, freeplay KQ, and PRIZES!
-The tournament will be Swiss style rounds, ending in a GLORY MATCH with the top 3 teams!
-We will cap this event at around 50 people (10 teams).
-We’ll be streaming this event LIVE on the Logan Arcade twitch account:

ALSO: Perhaps you might want a veteran Killer Queen player to coach your team, or just act as a cheerleader for your team? NO PROBLEM— just request one!

ALSO: Post-tournament, if you want to keep hanging out, we’ll set the KQ cab to HALF PRICE for the rest of the night (that is literally TEN CENTS per person if 10 people are playing!).

ALSO: Logan Arcade will have some super special drink specials for tournament participants.

If you have previously played in a larger-scale Killer Queen tournament, you will *likely* not be eligible for this event, based on Tournament Director discretion. This tournament is ONLY for new/beginner players!

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Killer Queen Mercury Squad Chicago:
FYI: Logan Arcade is a 21+ environment, valid ID is required for entry!