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3 Floyds Presents: D&D Game 1

It seemed like a good idea. The money was too good to pass up.
1000 Gold Pieces.
And Gumballhead is a Rakshasas right? One of those big cats with their weird powers.
He said it would be a cake walk.
It was. Muster at the Chests and Coffins roadside pub two days ago.
Hit the tower.
Take the book.
Grab anything you can fit in your bag. It was barely guarded.
It was a great job.
Now we have one night in this bolt hole.
We split the loot in the morning. Go our separate ways.
Never need to hang out with any of these rag tag self styled heroes again.

So why can’t I lose the feeling in the guts?

Forget about it. Everything’s fine..
Hit the purple lotus flower once.
One more sip of the Dwarven.
Close your eyes. Wake up and you will be one rich mother f*cker in the morning.

What was that!?

Three Floyds Brewing and Logan Arcade present a short adventure for your pleasure. This D&D 5th Edition mini module pits you and a crew of adventuring heroes against an unknown foe. Maybe the last foe you shall ever see.
The adventure “Stuck in Gumballhead’s Bolthole” is designed to be a simple introduction to D&D. Everything you need will be provided. Just choose one of the pre-generated characters and start throwing some dice. No experience is necessary. If you survive it should take no longer than 90 minutes. We will run the adventure continuously throughout the day starting at 1. So grab your imagination and some other rag tag self styled heroes and come on down.

Raffle for all participants feature prizes from our co-sponsor, Cat & Mouse Game Store.

21+ FREE

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